30 December 2011

More elephants!

While in Phuket before Christmas, we decided to visit Phuket Fantasea, somewhat ambitiously hailed in their marketing as the ultimate cultural theme park.  The focus of it was a 1 1/4 hour show - absolutely fantastic in its theatrics, with acrobats, pyrotechnics and elephants!  I must admit I spent half of it wondering what on earth the storyline was supposed to be, but the sight of 16 elephants on stage was one not to be missed.

Here is the layout I did to mark the event.  

The main photo shows us all with two elephants before the show.  It's always lovely to meet and stroke these creatures, they have the same smile-creating capacity as dolphins.

The journalling sums up the evening pretty well.  It reads:  "Phuket Fantasea was a bit of a curate's egg, with a mediocre buffet, a ban on cameras for the show (to the extent that they took them off you unless, like me, you hid them well and told fibs), and a propensity to try and squeeze as much money out of you as they could.

"However it was still well worth going.  We got to stroke elephants and get our photo taken with them, Will was very taken with the white tigers and albino crows, and the show was very lavish (even if the plot was hard to decipher).

Plus, how often do you get to see 16 elephants on one stage, actively taking part in the show?!"

For the benefit of my crafty friends, the paper used is Basic Grey Skate Shoppe and the decoupaged bit in the bottom corner was already done for me - I took it off the folder that held our very expensive elephant photo, where it was forming a pocket, and made it into a pocket on the layout.  It holds a little concertina book with more photos and the journalling.  The title is also from the folder, but scanned, printed and cut out,and the elephants are from a fab bead and charm shop in Chinatown, turned from silver to gold with a bit of alcohol ink :)  Not entirely sure why there is a big bow on there, I must still be in present wrapping mode!

27 December 2011

Bad blogger!

Oh dear - over a month and a half since I last blogged - that wasn't the plan!  I guess life got in the way!  Quite how I have managed to be so busy I'm not quite sure - it's not as if I'm working any more.  But what with going out and about (I know, it's a hard life!), preparing for Christmas, doing domestic goddess-type things and keeping in touch with everyone (more time-consuming than you might think), the days just fly by, and I still find myself wishing I had more time to do this, that and the other.

So, apologies for going AWOL, I shall try to do better.  In the meantime, here are a few festive photos.

This shows the somewhat OTT Christmas Wonderland display at Pavilion mall - around the back there is also a big sleigh with reindeer.

One of the purple trees at Pavilion:

And here's Alex, Caitie and me, also at the Pavilion:

Here's Caitie and Alex making mince pies on Christmas Eve - there are some traditions you just have to stick to, however hot and sunny it is!

And finally, Will with one of his presents on Christmas Day:

Hope you all had a great Christmas.