20 June 2011

More goodbyes...

.... or rather, au revoirs, this time to my lovely crafting friends.  We booked tables at our local scrapbooking shop (Paperarts near Stroud), and had a memorable day crafting, chatting and eating far too much!  I must admit to shedding a couple of tears when they gave me a beautiful mini book - each had created a double page layout for it, and it was then lovingly bound by Rooty, who also did a fantastic job of making the cover.  With lots of photos of great times we have shared, and quotes on friendship, it was very touching, and will be treasured.
Here's a photo of us all outside.

This time in two weeks Will, Caitie and I will be in the air, starting our new adventure in KL.

12 June 2011

The first of the big goodbyes

We're all a bit sad this afternoon.  We've had to say goodbye (for now) to my nieces Celeste and Libbie, it'll probably be a good year or so before we see them again.

And we've had to say goodbye to our dog, Choccie, who has gone to live with my brother and his family.  We know he couldn't have gone to a better home, but it is still sad saying goodbye to him - he has been with us for nearly seven years.

There'll be a few more goodbyes too before we get on the plane three weeks tomorrow.... but it's only goodbye for now, we'll be back :)

4 June 2011

Drowning in paperwork

After a week of solid doggy paddling to keep my chin above the flood of paperwork that has somehow arisen, I can at last say that I have made it to the shore - the bulk of it is done.  Hurrah!  I have filled in endless tax forms, written a magnum opus to the accountants and completed the ten page (!) property information sheet from the letting agent.  I have registered Will for an important pre-uni exam, which he will take in Kuala Lumpur in August, and sorted out a number of school-related things.  I am now suffering from FBS - frazzled brain syndrome!

I've almost finished the decorating too - I feel like having a ceremonial bonfire of paint brushes and dust sheets! 

So now "all" I have to do is pack up our belongings into boxes and suitcases, send endless change of address notifications (assuming we ever get to sign the tenancy agreement in KL, Malaysian lawyers seem to go even slower than UK ones), and tie up 101 loose ends.

Who knows, at some point I might stop being busy for long enough to start looking forward to the next chapter of our adventure through life! ;-)

30 days to go....