5 February 2012

Ghost town!

A couple of weeks ago, Alex attended a big team building event in Putrajaya, a relatively new, planned city about 25km south of Kuala Lumpur.  He reported back that, although the place seemd to be deserted, it was worth a visit if only to look at the amazing architecture.

So a few days later, cameras in hand, Alex, Caitie and myself took a trip out there.  It was a holiday weekend (Chinese New Year), and we expected it to be quiet - although not quite as quiet as it was!

The city is the administrative centre for Malaysia, established to try to ease some of the overcrowding and congestion in KL, and has been operating as such since 1999.  As you drive around, it looks as if there are probably homes there - certainly there are buildings that look like they are apartments.  And according to Wikipedia, some 30,000 people lived there in 1997, and no doubt more have moved there since. But it certainly doesn't seem like it - it is deathly quiet, just the odd car on the wide, multi-laned roads, and a few tourists here and there.  Very strange.

However, the peace and quiet did make a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of KL, and the architecture, combined with some lovely landscaping, was lovely, and provided some good photo opportunities.  Here are a few of those photos:

This is Putra Mosque, which sits, very grandly, on a man made lake.   No touching up on this photo, the colours really are this vivid.

This is a view down the city's main boulevard towards Perdana Putra, the Prime Minister's office.  As you can see, the road is very quiet, bar a few tourist buses at the end.

And this is one of the main bridges, Seri Wawasan bridge.

And a close-up.

By the way, I love my new camera!

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MandyKay said...

This was really interesting to read, it sounds as though it is from one of those surreal films about the doom after some catastrophe and there are very few people around. I love the photographs, it sounds like you had a peaceful time.