1 April 2012

More of the little things of life

I did it - I managed to keep going with my photos for another month!  So, as promised, here they are - all those little day to day things that made up March 2012 for the Ford family.
Please note that you won't be able to see two of the images properly - I have started volunteering once a week at a children's home, and while I want to document this in my scrapbooks, I need to keep the details off my blog.

1.      An interesting challenge – no tap in the kitchen! Hope the plumber manages to find a new one and the time to fit it tomorrow.  (NB He didn’t, but he did the following day.)
2.      Hock Choon, our local supermarket.  The aisles are ridiculously narrow, but the food choice is excellent and the staff are very helpful.
3.      Caitie and Ella made candy floss!
4.      My new 70’s tv bag –images include Camberwick Green!
5.      KLCC mosque.  We can hear the five daily calls to prayer from our apartment.
6.      Parents’ evening. Caitie got excellent reports, and showed me a much faster way home! Smart girl!
7.      Wendy, looking very pleased with her new rice basher and idli pan that we found in Little India!
8.       Our new, very ethnic sideboard, delivered today.
9.      Alex was very chuffed to have found this horseshoe crab shell on the beach by the Golden Palms resort!
10.   Caitie on our balcony at Golden Palms, as the sun was setting.
11.   Alex chilling out before we hit the road back to Kuala Lumpur.  That evening, he flew to Delhi for a few days.
12.   My first photography club outing included Chow Kit market and Tatt Khalsa gurdwara. The Sikhs’ Holy Book, treated with great reverence, is under the cloth.
13.   My usual view of the school bus! We’re so lucky to have this service – without it I’d be spending around 3 hours on the school run each day!
14.   My bumper pack of scrapping goodies from Jennifer McGuire came today! A huge pile of papers, stamps, inks and embellishments – I think these stamps are my favourites.
15.   I had to wear this blood pressure monitor for 24 hours. Results were fine, BP a bit high, but nothing that a very low dose of meds won’t help J
16.   It was international day at school. Caitie painted the cross of St George on her nails!
17.   Alex made me a HUGE Pina Colada, served in a pineapple.
18.   Happy Henry, a cute little sock monster made for me by Caitie for Mother’s Day J
19.   I started volunteering at the girls’ home today.  Nice to be able to do something worthwhile.  I’ll be going every Monday.
20.   My small IKEA craft storage drawers are gradually being decorated. This is my favourite so far – Totoro, done by Caitie.
21.    Vegetarian Indian food for lunch, in Little India with Wendy and Noopur.
22.   The Formula 1 exhibit and sales points at the Suria mall were very popular.
23.   Alex just loved wearing this classy T-shirt to work today – not!
24.   Alex and I spent a pleasant, if hot, couple of hours at the Lake Gardens.
25.   I made more cards to sell at the school Spring Fair, to raise funds for the Kenya trip.
26.   Making cup cakes with the girls at the home – they loved it!
27.   Roast chicken for dinner last night.  Unfortunately, I had to get rid of these gross (and attached!) feet first.  Ewww!
28.   My collection of Opi nail varnishes!  Not quite as bad as it looks, as most of them are miniatures.
29.   One of the five rings I wear all the time.  This was my Nana’s, bought when she was little and the perfect fit for my little finger.  It has her initials on it – EB for Elsie Bottomley.
30.   A lovely (apart from the baby octopus!) Taiwanese lunch with Alex at the Suria mall.
31.   Alex’s huge new Lego Star Wars model, bought today at the Tropicana City Mall.  It will be about 4 feet long when complete.


Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear said...

Brilliant! And after Noopur pointed out that I should use idli mix,,,,,, I've no real need for the rice pounder! Still.... It'll come in handy for something!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to be able to 'keep up' with you in yet another way! LOL