3 November 2012

"The Best Thing I've Ever Done!"

... that was Caitie's verdict on parasailing, shortly after she took to the skies under a rainbow-coloured sail for the first time.

We had gone to Penang - an island just off the north west coast of Malaysia, connected to the mainland by an impressively long bridge - and were staying at a fantastic beach resort at Batu Ferrenghi.  Which I can't help think sounds like a place from Star Trek DS9, but apparently it means foreigner's rock.

From our room we had a wonderful view of the sea, and the many colourful parasails, and it wasn't long before Caitie was asking if she could have a go.  

Alex agreed to go with her, and off they went!  They were harnessed up and clipped to the parasail, the parasail was connected to the speedboat, and within seconds of being told to run along the beach, they were airborne.

   They were in the air for five minutes or so before landing, in a slightly undignified manner, back on the beach. 

Both absolutely loved it, so much so that they went again the next day.

More from Penang in future posts :) 

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Caitie, that looks like lots of fun! :)